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Top-Rated Medical Dermatology Media, PA and Glen Mills, PA

Patient Focused Medical - Surgical Dermatology

Dermatology LTD is an independent, physician-owned medical practice focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of all medical and surgical diseases of the skin. Since 1951, our dedicated team of board-certified dermatologists have been providing each patient with the highest quality dermatologic care, while adhering to the highest medical and ethical standards.

Our physicians are proud to be on the cutting edge of diagnostic and surgical technology. All skin biopsies are examined by a board-certified dermatopathologist, and two of our surgeons are fellowship-trained in Mohs dermatologic surgery. Dermatology LTD also offers phototherapy, and other specialized therapies for the most severe skin diseases. Learn more about what our care team at Dermatology LTD can provide for you. 


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Patient-Focused Medical Dermatology

Patient Focused Medical-Surgical Dermatology

Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeons 

Cutting-Edge, Precise Skin Cancer Surgery 

Considered the best possible treatment for the two most common types of skin cancer, Mohs surgery carries a high cure rate and leaves behind the smallest possible scar. Only local anesthesia is used on the treatment area, while the cancerous skin is removed one layer at a time. Our dermatologists are highly experienced in performing Mohs surgery. Find out why patients prefer this highly effective procedure below. 


Specialized Medical Dermatology 

Safe, Effective Psoriasis Treatment

Phototherapy is an alternative treatment for psoriasis that exposes the skin to ultraviolet (UV) light. This gentle but powerful procedure reduces pain, inflammation, and itchiness in the vast majority of patients, and is safe for pregnant women and children. Learn more about psoriasis and how our team approaches diagnosis and treatment for this highly common condition.  


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Eastern PA's Best Medical-Surgical Dermatology Group


  • Very happy with Dermatology LTD. They are very responsive and listen to my concerns. I’ve had issues with acne for most of my life and even into my thirties. I finally have clear skin and they helped come up with a safe regimen that I can continue to use in pregnancy. The entire staff is wonderfu...

    Posted On February 7, 2021
  • Dr. Chan is a consummate professional plus extremely open to questions and generous with his time and vast knowledge. The staff—Nicole and Jen — are true gems. This is one of the rare doctor’s offices I visit that actually feels health-oriented, and like everyone truly likes what they are doing a...

    Posted On February 7, 2021

We Accept Most Insurances

Some of the common insurance we accept are listed here. There are a few other small carriers we accept as well. Click to learn more. 

Please call our office if you have any questions, and we'd be happy to help!

Patient-Focused Medical Dermatology

Compassionate, Board-Certified Dermatologists